The Conglomerate Story for Cost Optimization

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The leading global conglomerate has a shared service office which provides support for all of it managers (Approximately 2,000). One of the activities is to reconcile all the managers expenses incurred on behalf of the business using corporate credit cards with every vendor. The previous process had many manual processes which had frequent errors and a long lead time for financial reconciliation.

KewMann designed a solution which helped to automate the data acquisition across multiple vendor portals, transform the data according to various required formats and help to do an initial check on the accuracy of data between the vendors and the bank report on the corporate credit cards. Lead time has since improved by 4X as monthly reconciliation can now become weekly while 300% of headcount could be re-prioritized towards higher valued activities. Discussions are on-going to further review and apply robotic process automation on 100+ processes across the shared service office.


Solution: Cost Optimization

Capabilities: Data Acquisition and Robotic Process Automation