The Insurance Company Story for Revenue Growth

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The Insurance Company is a leading insurer for Life, Health and General Insurance. In an effort to grow revenue, it chose to partner with KewMann to optimize its Life Insurance Business by identifying customers most likely to purchase within the project time period and optimizing the allocation of leads to the most suitable sales person.

KewMann designed a solution which leveraged on Big Data Discovery to quickly gain insights on the different data sets existing in the internal systems. The insights gained is then applied in Machine Learning to develop a Propensity-to-Buy model and also to optimize the sales lead allocations to the sales staff. Finally to drive activities, the entire sales lead process was redesigned using leading behavior design techniques to encourage sales activities. This new approach helped to improve appointment conversion rates to 30% and improved sales conversion by 3x!


Solution: Revenue Growth

Capabilities: Big Data Discovery, Machine Learning and Behavior Design

Products: KewMann People Insights (KPI) and KewMann Sales Optimizer (KSO)