The Insurance Company Story

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The Insurance Company is a respected heavyweight in the industry and is well known for its competitive compensation policies. The Chief Agency Officer shared that one of the biggest problems his agency business has is in recruiting new employees. The problem arises from the decreasing interest of graduates looking to join the industry and also the demotivated managers who were in semi-retirement mode and thus less motivated to engage in recruitment.

KewMann designed a solution that tackles the 3 main areas: attract, motivate and engage for both prospective employees and managers. The solution translated desired behavioral traits of agents into different types of challenges in the game which prospective employees have to complete in order to progress in the game. The behavioral data is then used to estimate and qualify the potential employees. The managers were also gamified by allowing competition between the managers to secure interview sessions with the prospective employees. This innovative method grew prospective employees by 4X and 3X more agents joined in the first quarter the game was launched.

Solution: Gamification